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File:AELITA clip wallpapers01 1024x768.jpgFile:A Aelita StoryFile:Activated tower.jpg
File:Aelita & Ulrich - FireflyFile:Bad Boy- YxWFile:Blok image player 432 324.jpg
File:Cl5.jpgFile:Code-Lyoko-Yumi-186560350.jpgFile:Code Lyoko - Break Away (Subdigitals)
File:Code Lyoko - Training Odd, Ulrich y Yumi (English and French)File:Code Lyoko Opening ThemeFile:Code Lyoko Opening Theme Season 2 High Quality
File:Code Lyoko Subdigitals ( Planet Net )( Video ) ( ENGLISH ) (*** Lyrics in the Description ! ** D )File:Code Lyoko final openingFile:Code lyoko.jpg
File:Code lyoko 414.pngFile:Code lyoko intro 1,2,3.File:Code lyoko intro HD
File:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Images.jpg
File:Jeremy.jpgFile:Jeremy Belpois - Code LyokoFile:Kiwi.jpg
File:Odd...jpgFile:Odd Della RobbiaFile:Otro de cl.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Poorlildoggie.jpg.w300h225.jpgFile:Prehome200701.jpg
File:Roachsters.jpg.w300h228.jpgFile:Sin título.pngFile:Sissi.jpg
File:Sissi Is A Ugly GirlFile:Sp.jpgFile:The Factory.jpg
File:Ulrich.jpgFile:Ulrich sternFile:UorwwO3d-Mw8DAkxHCXD9l1t6dCHjcf1xsxKew-1-.jpg
File:Williamlyoko.jpgFile:XANA 027.jpgFile:XANA Monster Size Chart by Snakealien.jpg
File:XANA eye.jpgFile:Yeremy 2.jpgFile:Yumi.jpg
File:Yumi3.jpgFile:Yumi Ishiyama - codigo lyokoFile:Yumi and Ulrich - Firefly

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