the 5th sector, created by XANA.

Lyoko is the second world in the cartoon which is only reachable trough super-scanners in the factory.

The crew Odd,Yumi,Ulrich and Aelita are usually the only ones who are entering the scanners.

Howewer,in one episode Jereme entered the scanner but he didn't become in 3D. It's the opposite from the real world.

Lyoko has five sectors:

  • Forest sector
  • Ice sector
  • Desert sector
  • Mountain sector
  • X.A.N.A.'s sector

The fifth sector Was created by X.A.N.A.,the main enemy of the crew. There's a ON/OFF switch in the factory's basment for Lyoko.

The Lyoko world has a lot of monsters.
XANA eye

The oficcal sign of Lyoko.

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